I’m Wojtek "Voy" Tomaszewski, an industrial designer and strategist.
I help bridge the gap between creativity and business. 

With ten years of experience at the intersection of industrial design, management, and strategy I worked with and for companies in various industries like the consumer electronics, music and furniture. I have also consulted in other fields spanning from branding, design for children, to sneakers.

During my nearly four years at Yamaha Design Lab in Japan, I worked on industrial design and R&D, and I was often involved in discussions about Yamaha’s design future. These conversations sparked my interest in the business aspect of design, I became curious about creative process management and how it allows for strategic advantage and creates new business opportunities.

Most recently, these interests brought me to Italy to deepen my knowledge through a Strategic Design master’s course at Politecnico di Milano. In my studies, I am focusing on venture design, design management, strategy and sustainable business practices.

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