Tylko — Type01 Shelf

Building shelf customization system

Perfect furniture design is adaptable to individual needs while following a specific design intent. The Tylko technology and user experience mean one can create bespoke furniture pieces with a personal touch, while still getting a designer’s vision and direction.
Tylko Shelf System was designed to be sustainable and use most of the Computer-Aided Manufacturing technology.


The First One

Type01 is the original product that started Tylko. Being one of the first in the team I was designing foundations of the parametric framework that allows customers to easily personalize products in Tylko’s online configurator. 


Tylko App

Tylko improves homes with premium storage furniture that caters to individual needs. Online configurator and Tylko App allows you to customize your shelf intuitively, hassle-free, and made to fit.

Together with engineers, UX/UI and computational designers we developed the first generation of Tylko's app in which user can personalize shelf on smartphone or tablet and see the design in own space thanks to AR technology.


Technology & Materials


Tylko manufactures furniture on numerically controlled machines from sustainably sourced plywood. We started Color, Material, and Finish design (CMF) by choosing the best plywood, paying attention to clean layering. Then we researched different materials and selected the finest quality veneers and laminates for the first Tylko's collection.

1920px shelf assembly 1